The FIT4export program was created to enable and support German SMEs to thrive in the international market. In order to do this FIT4export offers trainings, coaching, and consulting to ensure its partners success in their endeavours abroad. Apart from the knowledge transfer our partners also benefit from an exclusive access to internationals from various professional backgrounds. Through it different activities FIT4export seeks to support the economic development of the region and create sustainable cooperations that benefit businesses and science both in Germany and worldwide.

FIT4export will support the internationalization process of SME through:

  • Market development inside and outside of Europe
  • Capacity development in the field of export management
  • Access to qualified experts in target markets
  • Development of international marketing campaigns
  • Establishment of cooperation with universities, public authorities and businesses


Practical projects with companies

SMEs have limited financial and time budgets for development and operations in foreign markets. As part of its Master program, SEPT allows young foreign professionals to support firms with specific regional knowledge and managerial expertise in the development of their international target markets and implementation of appropriate strategies.

Usually a group of 2-4 MBA Students execute a practical project for a particular product or service in a period of three months or less.

The content agreements and arrangements take place between the company in question and the Prof of Development Economics at the International SEPT program, who takes the responsibility for the project and ensures the confidentiality of information


Access to funding

The funding support for the internationalization of SMEs is relatively low. Also, many of the existing funding programs are focused on international organizations and Public-Private Partnership programs which are development cooperation related.

In effect not much is known about funding programs for German companies seeking to venture into internationalization especially for Eastern German SMEs. Therefore, it is a central task of Fit4export to assist SMEs in the region in the acquisition of funding especially at federal and international levels, particularly from the European Union.


Scouting for international specialists and executives

The main training program of SEPT is a practice-oriented master's degree program which is offered in Leipzig, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The participants come from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. They come with vast experience accumulated for several years in various fields as experts and executives from companies and institutions in their countries of origin. After studying, the SEPT Alumni create new prospects for the development of international partnerships.

Within our alumni network SEPneT we promote various projects working with German and foreign companies. We currently have contacts with more than 500 alumni in 50 countries spread over 5 continents. As part of our project focus, Fit4Export creates a link between our alumni network and interested German companies seeking representatives in various countries as for their international operations.



The latest addition to our service portfolio is the Export-Incubator. The idea is to accompany firms along the whole process of internationalization. Our team of international experts will work closely with SME at their location from strategy development to market entry.

Current Projects

FiVe – Vocational Training in Vietnam

Around the world education is considered one oft he main driving forces for growth, innovation and social welfare. The economy of Vietnam is experiencing a significant upturn in recent years. As one of Asia’s top locations for industrial production Vietnam has a strong demand for well-trained labor.

Project FiVe is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and aims to provide knowledge transfer from Germany to Vietnam in the field of vocational training. The first goal ist o establish a vocational training academy in Vietnam that enables young vietnamese students to obtain the German degree of a State Certified Engineer.

DC-Hub Business and Innovation Hub Germany-China

The DC-Hub specialist network works in the field of internationalization of business and science at the University of Leipzig and plans to create a Germany-wide alumni network of Chinese and German alumni. DC-Hub is a multiplier and co-ordinator of German-Chinese co-operations related to business development, to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and international expansion of trade. For this purpose, DC-Hub has developed various education programs that contribute to strengthening the management skills of alumni, promoting international entrepreneurship and networking with internationally oriented companies ( The project DC-Hub is sponsored by BMBF.

GC Medtech

Establishment of a German-Colombian demonstration and simulation center for medical technology in Bucaramanga, as well as exploration of possible further cooperation opportunities

The project GC Medtech aims to promote bilateral cooperation between the health clusters in Bucaramanga (Colombia) and Sachsen. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project seeks to establish a demonstration and simulation center through the network between a consortium of Colombian partners like Fundación Cardiovascular, and the German company Realists Training Technologies GmbH. Based on the above, a series of training workshops in the field of surgical simulation training will be implemented by Realists Training Technologies GmbH in Colombia.

A further aim of the project is to explore the possibilities of further cooperation between companies and research institutions in the field of medical technology and research in Saxony and Bucaramanga. Several potential fields of interest have been identified, including patient-specific 3D-printed medical implants, infectious diseases, e-health, clinical essays, and hospital/expert knowledge transfer. For this purpose, several meetings between key stakeholders will be organized in Germany and Colombia.


„Made in Germany“ is a well known trademark and stands for quality, continuity and innovation. At the same time, thousands of German SME strengthen this reputation by delivering excellent products and services all over the world.But  even though product innovation is a key factor for German success, SME still don’t make use of all possibilities the internet has to offer. FIT4export, together with Google,  builds competencies of local SME in Online-Marketing activities.

Regional Alliances

Internationalization of SME is a topic that concerns many players, but only a few institutions offer consulting and experience for enterprises that whish to enter foreign markets. With our procect “regional alliances” FIT4export builds partnerships with authorities that provide internationalization services for SME and seeks to develop new tools and methods to facilitate easy access to information and expert-knowledge.

Export Management

The practically oriented training "Export Manager" is designed to provide skills and knowledge for the foreign distribution of goods and services. The immediate application of the course content is a key component for what up to five local companies are acting as living examples. The main goal is to develop an export plan for the respective companies within a team of around three participants. The training is conducted by the international SEPT Program at the University of Leipzig in cooperation with CONOSCOPE following a modular structure:

Module 1

SMEs have limited financial and time budgets for development and operations in foreign markets. As part of its Master program, SEPT allows young foreign professionals to support firms with specific Module 1 covers commercial foundations which are relevant for the daily work of sales employees, e. g. aspects of general marketing management, budgeting and controlling.


Module 2

Module 2 focuses export planning and management highlighting subjects like methods of market research, market evaluation and selection, benchmarking, pricing and branding.


Module 3

Module 3 encompasses the creation of export offerings, documents for exportation, insurance, payment arrangements, preparation of customer calls and conduct of negotiations.

In a final presentation the participants demonstrate their export plans and strategies to the companies. The smartest concepts are offered to be turned into reality within a following business placement, which can be embedded in a stay abroad.


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